Heets Turquoise(هيتس ترقص نكهة)selection

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Specification of Heets Turquoise Selection

  • Each HEETS stick contains 6.1 grams of tobacco blend. You can smoke one HEETS tobacco stick for similar length as a cigarette.
  • Each box available in 10 packs of HEETS sticks (20 sticks for every pack). By and large, 200 sticks.
  • Flavor Notes: Tobacco, Menthol
  • Reasonable for: IQOS 3 Duo, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 MULTI, , IQOS solid

Heets Turquoise Selection Description

HEETS TURQUOISE SELECTION MENTHOL conveys a fresh menthol cooling, combined with a softly toasted tobacco mix and enhanced by unobtrusive fiery fragrance notes. HEETS tobacco sticks contain an extraordinary mix of tobacco and they are intended to be utilized solely with IQOS. Every container contains 10 packs of heets. Each pack contains 20 tobacco sticks. The desire kind of nicotine frequently keeps down ongoing smokers from stopping the unfortunate thing to do. IQOS offers a staggering choice to deceive the psyche with different flavors utilizing heat-not-consume innovation on tobacco. Our Turquoise HEETS sticks is a reviving flavor with a noteworthy punch of genuine menthol flavor. The gentle sensation tobacco flavor is colossally upheld with a fragrant menthol hint to offer an exuberant sensation in your mouth. Without the problem of debris and enduring foul smell, IQOS Heets Turquoise selection guarantees a wonderful smoking encounter to fail to remember your inclination for cigarettes. The serious tobacco vapor set free from these HEET sticks make it an ideal option for Marlboro.

Additional Information of Heets Turquoise Selection

HEETS Turquoise Selection is a novel assortment of premium IQOS heat mix of genuine tobacco with different strikingly invigorating flavors. HEETS Turquoise Selection comprises of a restrictive kind of simmered tobacco painstakingly mixed with the newness of gentle menthol and minty zing. This outstanding mix of scent delivers an unmistakable flavor that offers an enduring newness with each smoke. HEETS Turquoise Selection is extraordinarily intended for IQOS gadgets. It seems like a genuine cigarette, tastes much better. HEETS can be a brilliant decision for smokers who are intending to for all time quit customary smoking.


Turquoise Heets Flavor

HEETS Sticks are presented by IQOS or “I Quit Unique Smoking”. The objective of the warmed tobacco framework brand IQOS is to internationally introduce a better way of life for individuals. Their development assists with holding superfluous smoke and chaotic debris back from upsetting an extraordinary tobacco second. The “Intensity Just; No Consume” recipe of the IQOS gadget just warms the tobacco stick without consuming it. Subsequently, it creates a fragrant smoke with the genuine taste of tobacco where each puff satisfies the inclination for an ideal smoke. Since IQOS just warms tobacco, a lot lesser inward breath of nicotine is guaranteed contrasted with cigarettes. Along these lines, IQOS HEETS stick is a better smoking decision for the cutting-edge age. Not any more humiliating awful breath in the wake of smoking. Partake in your smoke inside your usual range of familiarity on the grounds that HEETS guarantees safe and scent free indoor smoking. It is not difficult to utilize. Presently you can smoke gorgeously without the gamble of cigarette openings. You can convey it anyplace, whenever without the undesirable wreck of lighter, ashtray, or cigarette remains.

Specification of Heets Turquoise Flavors

  • Each HEETS stick contains 6.1 grams of tobacco blend. You can smoke one HEETS tobacco stick for similar length as a cigarette-around 6 minutes with up to 14 puffs.
  • Each box available in 10 packs of HEETS sticks (20 sticks for every pack). By and large, 200 sticks in a crate.
  • Flavor Notes: Tobacco, Menthol
  • Reasonable for: IQOS 3 Duo, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 MULTI, , IQOS solid

Delivery system of Heets Turquoise Selection

Delivery charge: AED 30 in the UAE for orders not exactly AED 600 and free delivery for different orders. Immediate delivery in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman for orders before 5 pm and 24-hour delivery for different orders. On the off chance that you like tobacco with Berry new taste with menthol, we suggest you attempt Heets Purple

Heets Turquoise Flavor

The people who are searching for a tobacco flavor will appreciate HEETS Turquoise. The tobacco flavor is cool and invigorating, and will help you to remember a toasted tobacco mix. The tobacco is somewhat less fragrant than the Golden Selection and Silver Selection, yet it tastes menthol that is less HEETS Turquoise by Philip Morris is a top notch IQOS e-fluid that comes in a few different reviving flavors. The actual tobacco is heat-not-consumed, which makes a perfect and new smoke that isn’t tar-based. These e-fluids won’t consume or abandon debris, and the nicotine content isn’t sufficiently high to incite reliance on tobacco. Heets Turquoise Selection E-Juice Audit Turquoise Name Sticks are a straightforward yet shared benefit mix of cooling menthol notes with an articulated tobacco base. Tobacco and menthol are in an ideal amicable couple 50/50. The taste is described by a fortifying explosion of newness that will assist with change up the standard smoking cycle. HEETS Turquoise selection is a superior e-fluid that joins a light tobacco flavor with a cooling menthol impact. The mix is ideally suited for the individuals who smoke and need to keep away from recycled poisons. The item comes in 20-packs. For the best outcomes, buy a jug of HEETS Turquoise to test before you purchase. Additionally, a fantastic decision for individuals have as of late quit any pretense of smoking.


Best heets flavor of Turquoise

Why Turquoise Flavor is Best

A smooth menthol flavors, with a reviving and cooling sensation. As you’ll see while opening the parcel, Turquoise tobacco sticks are much more modest than regular cigarettes and are intended for use only with the IQOS framework. Relish the outlandish fragrance of warmed tobacco with HEETS Turquoise Selection for IQOS in Dubai, UAE. Essentially embed it into the IQOS Holder and press the button until the Drove light begins to flicker white. The tobacco stick is warmed to 350°C by the exactly controlled warming component inside the IQOS Holder, delivering the genuine taste of tobacco through a nicotine-containing fumes, without consuming the tobacco or creating smoke.


هيتس ترقص سلكتن نكهة

هيتس ترقص سلكتن نكهة منتولينقل تبريد المنثول الطازج ، ممزوجًا بمزيج من التبغ المحمص بهدوء ومعزز بمكونات العطر النارية غير المزعجة. تحتوي أعواد التبغ على مزيج غير عادي من التبغ ويقصد هيتس استخدامها فقط مع IQOS. كل عبوة تحتوي على 10 عبوات من هيتس. تحتوي كل عبوة على 20 عود تبغ. إن الرغبة في النيكوتين في كثير من الأحيان تمنع المدخنين الدائمين من إيقاف الشيء المؤسف. يقدم IQOS خيارًا مذهلاً لخداع النفس بنكهات مختلفة باستخدام ابتكارات التبغ التي لا تستهلك الحرارة والحرارة. أعواد HEETS الفيروزية لدينا هي نكهة متجددة مع نكهة جديرة بالملاحظة من نكهة المنثول الأصلية. يتم دعم نكهة التبغ اللطيفة بشكل كبير مع تلميح المنثول العطري لإضفاء إحساس بالحيوية في فمك. بدون مشكلة الحطام والرائحة الكريهة الدائمة ، يضمن اختيار هيتس ترقص نكهة تجربة تدخين رائعة حتى لا تتذكر ميلك إلى السجائر. بخار التبغ الخطير المنبعث من أعواد يجعله خيارًا مثاليًا لمارلبورو.

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  1. hEETs0909

    Heets Turquoise selection is one of the best Heets flavors. It’s like Menthol and mint, Anyone can useable this flavors.

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