Heets Amber Selection

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AMBER SELECTION is an adjusted and cooked tobacco mix, layered with nutty smell notes. HEETS tobacco sticks contain an exceptional mix of tobacco and they are intended to be utilized only with IQOS. Every container contains 10 packs of HEETS. Each pack covers 20 pieces tobacco sticks.

Heets Amber Selection Description

HEETS AMBER SELECTION Mark sticks have a strange, rich, tart tobacco taste with light woody and nutty notes. The taste serious areas of strength for are tart yet abandons a wonderful delayed flavor impression. The flavor of tobacco is articulated and has a trademark smell. HEETS AMBER Tobacco sticks are intended to be utilized in the IQOS Intensity Not Consume Framework, basically embed the HEETS stick into the IQOS holder and press the button until a Drove light starts to flicker. By utilizing genuine tobacco rather than customary E-fluid, IQOS conveys a more recognizable and fulfilling taste insight. Heets Amber Selection by Philip Morris is made for the use of IQOS. Heets are heated, not burned.

As per clients, Amber is as yet a light woody fragrance and emits a straw. There are the people who have a nutty delayed Amber flavor impression. They are famous with shoppers, so they rapidly vanish from the racks. Used for smokers, these sticks are great for use as they are the most grounded and impeccably communicate cigarette tobacco. Heets Amber has the most serious tobacco smell. The smell is the most grounded of all. Along with the taste and strength level, it is prescribed for individuals who change to IQOS following cigarettes, since other, light stick tastes are at first felt as compound.

Additional Information About Amber

The kind of these items is unmistakably unique. You will find a smidgen of smoky wood converged with nutty tones. The tobacco has a broiled smell. The Amber nature of the fixings is astonishing to the point that you will feel it with each puff. These connotations may not areas of strength for be ongoing smokers who have recently changed to IQOS. The essential taste is like Cuban stogies. This solid clue is a valid statement for individuals who are attempting it interestingly.

The master mixologists have picked premium tobacco to make this reach. You won’t get a terrible stench on your hands or hurtful smoke. We keep our stock full so you can arrange whenever. The thin and reduced plan makes it amazing to convey in your pocket and you can smoke at whatever point you need. The gadget is chargeable. You will find every one of the bona fide items imported from Kazakhstan, Russia and Lebanon.

Delivery System in Heets Amber Flavors

We deliver a total block which has 200 tobacco-filled sticks. The gadgets are likewise accessible on our site. You can pick the most recent renditions without any problem. We just arrangement with true items so you can partake in this better option for nicotine desires. The tobacco sticks are painstakingly made and stuffed to keep the substance new. You will get an extraordinary smell and taste when you enjoy a drag. The single stick will give you 14 puffs shortly. The best prices Heets Amber Selection is now available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Kiama and all over the UAE.

Specification of  Heets Amber Selection

  1. IQOS Heets Amber Name Qualities
  2. Flavor: Home grown smell with newness
  3. Pieces per container: 200 Sticks
  4. Weight: 250 g
  5. The net load of the tobacco combination in a solitary stick: 6.1 g.
  6. Beginning: Kazakhstan
  7. Reasonable for:  IQOS 3 Duo, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 MULTI, IQOS Solid


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