IQOS 3 DUO(اقص٣ دو)Device


Included in: 

  • IQOS 3 Duo pocket charger A1505
  • USB-cable type C Charging port
  • IQOS USB AC power connector S52A21
  • IQOS dusting tool
  • 10 X IQOS cleaning tools

Four Colors Available:  Warm White, Stellar Blue, Brilliant Gold, Velvet Gray


IQOS 3 DUO Description

IQOS 3 DUO in Dubai was a decent accomplishment since the new model meets the mentioned development. No extra expense time charging though having a morning low or all through a chance at work. The holder is ready for your first HEETS in around 50% of the standard accusing time as looked at of the more established models and in three,5 min is even completely energized for 2 HEETS straightforwardly.

You can see on the picture newly further the subsequent lightweight, each single one signs to charge representing one HEETs. These will be delighted in, but not basically, one once another. When the essential has done, you’ll return to the charger and in three,5 min your holder is arranged again for 2. On the contrary hand, you’ll utilize the decision to get delight from 2 HEETS straightforwardly and once returned to the charger and in precisely two minutes you can appreciate time with one or in three,5 min 2 straightforwardly.

Philip Morris Global (PMI) is expanding its smokeless portfolio with the expansion of the new IQOS 3 DUO. with regards to the delivery declaring the release, Duke of Edinburgh Morris Global depended on client experiences and logical validation to foster this most recent form of IQOS, an intensity not-consume item, that might be available in Japan beginning in Sep and unrolled in various business sectors any place IQOS is as of now accessible by the highest point of 2019.

“The sendoff of IQOS 3 DUO confirms our obligation to ceaselessly and ceaselessly speculation inside the turn of events and commercialization of a deductively validated item that might work with the many grown-up’s Reality Wellbeing Association would somehow still smoke to change,” remarked Jacek Local, boss in activity official of PMI. “These in-progress item updates, developments, and improvements are vital in our activity of a smokeless future. these days around 8,000,000 grown-ups overall have changed to IQOS and deserted cigarettes.”

Additional Information About IQOS 3 DUO

IQOS 3 DUO was planned with new choices to help work with the progress of smokers of cigarettes to the ongoing gadget. IQOS three sets has the speediest and most remarkable holder of all IQOS items as of now available and it licenses 2 continuous purposes while not re-energizing the holder. Additionally, the holder charging time is far faster contrasted with the IQOS 3 DUO and IQOS 2.4+.

In 2018, Duke of Edinburgh Morris made the trying decree that it expected to dump cigarettes and backing hurt decrease and smokeless items [read extra here]. By 2025, Duke of Edinburgh Morris Global desires to undercover at least forty million of its butt smokers to clients of the smokeless items. It moreover has put forth an objective of getting thirty p.c of its complete freight volume return from smokeless items. Until this point in time, Duke of Edinburgh Morris Worldwide has supplied very a decade and $6 billion inside the examination, improvement, and commercialization of its developing arrangement of cutting edge smokeless items. the corporate furthermore reports that by and large, seventy p.c of the smokers that change to IQOS end up leaving cigarettes through and through, making it a vital item to the corporate as harmed decrease smokeless item actually get on inside the market. IQOS isn’t completely unhazardous on the grounds that it doesn’t dispense with vasoconstrictor from the smoking mastery, making it propensity shaping.

You can see on the image recently added second light, each and every one signs to charge status for one HEET. These can be delighted in, however not really, in a steady progression.

When the primary HEET has done, you can get back to the charger and in 3,5 min your holder will be prepared in the future for two HEETS. Then again, you can utilize the choice to appreciate two HEETS immediately and when gotten back to the charger and in only two minutes you can appreciate time with one HEET or in 3,5 min two on the double.

IQOS 3 DUO Elements

  • MOST Progressive IQOS Warmed TOBACCO Gadget – IQOS 3 DUO is the most developed IQOS to date, taking into account two sequential purposes between charges
  • HEAT NOT Consume Gadget – IQOS is a gadget that warms genuine tobacco without consuming it, known as intensity not consume innovation.
  • Option in contrast TO SMOKING and VAPING – IQOS utilizes genuine tobacco. No fluid. Giving a genuine tobacco experience.
  • NO Debris and LESS SMELL THAN CIGARETTES – IQOS creates no smoke or debris, and less smell.
  • HEETS Warmed TOBACCO STICKS – IQOS gadgets have been intended to work only with tobacco sticks called HEETS, which can be bought independently.
  • MENTHOL TOBACCO Choices – For purchasers who are searching for a menthol taste experience IQOS likewise offers menthol tobacco options.
  • IQOS is for grown-up smokers just, IQOS isn’t sans risk; the most ideal way to lessen tobacco related wellbeing chances is to stopped tobacco use out and out.
  • IQOS/HEETS are not sans risk. HEETS contain nicotine, which is habit-forming

Contained with in IQOS 3 DUO Box: 

  • IQOS 3 Duo pocket charger A1505
  • USB-cable type C Charging port
  • IQOS USB AC power connector S52A21
  • IQOS dusting tool
  • 10 X IQOS cleaning tools
  • 1 x Free Oil Fascinating Sheet

Four Colors Available:  Warm White, Stellar Blue, Brilliant Gold, Velvet Gray


اقص ٣ دو وصف جهاز

كان اقص ٣ دو في دبي إنجازًا جيدًا لأن النموذج الجديد يلبي التطور المذكور. لا يوجد وقت إضافي في الشحن على الرغم من وجود انخفاض في الصباح أو كل ذلك من خلال فرصة في العمل. يكون الحامل جاهزًا لأول HEETS في حوالي 50٪ من وقت الاتهام القياسي كما هو الحال في النماذج الأكثر رسوخًا ، وفي غضون ثلاث دقائق ، يتم تنشيطه تمامًا لمدة 5 دقائق لـ 2 HEETS بشكل مباشر.

يمكنك أن ترى في الصورة مزيدًا من الوزن الخفيف اللاحق ، كل واحدة تشير إلى الشحن تمثل HEETs واحدًا. سوف يسعد هؤلاء ، ولكن ليس بشكل أساسي ، ببعضهم البعض. عندما ينتهي الأمر الأساسي ، ستعود إلى الشاحن وفي غضون ثلاث دقائق وخمس دقائق يتم ترتيب حاملك مرة أخرى لـ 2. على العكس من ذلك ، ستستخدم القرار للاستمتاع بـ 2 HEETS مباشرة وبمجرد إعادتها إلى شاحن وفي دقيقتين على وجه التحديد ، يمكنك الاستمتاع بالوقت مع دقيقة واحدة أو ثلاث دقائق ، 5 دقائق 2 بشكل مباشر.

تعمل شركة فيليب موريس جلوبال (PMI) على توسيع محفظتها الخالية من الدخان من خلال توسيع جهاز اقص ٣ دو الجديد. فيما يتعلق بالتسليم الذي يعلن الإصدار ، اعتمد Duke of Edinburgh Morris Global على تجارب العملاء والتحقق المنطقي لتعزيز هذا الشكل الأحدث من IQOS ، وهو عنصر غير مستهلك ، والذي قد يكون متاحًا في اليابان بدءًا من سبتمبر وغير مسجل في العديد من قطاعات الأعمال في أي مكان يمكن الوصول إلى IQOS حتى الآن من أعلى نقطة في عام 2019



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